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Who is your favourite blues artist?

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Chuck Berry (if you'll let me have him). He's probably more Rock&Roll but he originated in the early blues period and some of his music has that structure. But all that early stuff; Little Richard, John Lee Hooker etc. Originals. All massively influential on our best bands (Beatles/Kinks/Rolling Stones etc).


I like Eric Clapton, more his stuff with Cream but also some of his solo stuff.

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Not a blues artist per se, but Jimi Hendrix is an imaginative and masterful blues player.


I had a phase of getting into blues, mostly the ones everyone's heard of like Howlin' Wolf and BB King etc and mainly to learn the guitar parts.  Most music genres can be traced back lineally, ie blues gave birth to rock and roll etc but where did blues come from?  It seems to me to have sprung up all by itself without an obvious forerunner.

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Of course, white people can't do the blues...


(A reminder that Fleetwood Mac were a good band before the arrival of Buckingham and Nicks.)



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