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Possible 2nd lockdown for Leicester?

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6 hours ago, st albans fox said:

 carrying out this ‘low paid’ (illegal here) work in Leicester means it isn’t being done in Morocco or Tunisia or turkey or Moldova .......  I honestly believe that the authorities turn a blind eye to it because they take that excuse in and don’t want to be seen to target a minority community 


if they shut down these factories then the production will move into people’s houses. (It already is in many instances and has been for a long while). A sewing machine stuck in the back room and a fella bringing a couple of bags of part made garments around for the next part of the production process to be carried out.  Whilst that makes any kind of regulation even harder, at least it removes the covid issue somewhat.  You cannot avoid the initial  ‘cutting table’ element of the process having to be carried out in a factory unit environment but that is the least labour intensive bit of the process and reduces the transmission element .....but then you have to consider whether the cut fabric could be a vector of transmission if one of the  cutters has it and how long the virus can survive on the fabric (I don’t think it’s too long but then i doubt that too many studies have been done on the specific environment we are talking about here ) 

Makes you wonder why business owners and governments wanted rid of trade unions and made them look like the bad guys for protecting workers rites...well actually, no it doesn’t because sweat shops now get away with abusing workers.

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3 hours ago, davieG said:

The officers, from Blaby Police, were called to incidents in Glenfield, Ratby, Groby, Braunstone, Hinckley, Burbage, Earl Shilton, Barlestone, Kirby Muxloe, Narborough and Enderby.

In a post on Facebook, the officers said they attended fights, people breaching Covid restrictions, house parties, 'assaults at pubs' - which resulted in one pub closing - groups gathering in parks, and anti-social behaviour.

They also said one person was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after they spotted a vehicle driving dangerously.

As the officers were finishing for the night, they spotted an ambulance parked up in the hard shoulder of the M69.


I thought the lockdown issues in Leicester centred on other areas of the city? :ph34r:

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On 04/07/2020 at 13:28, Countryfox said:

Well it seems that national newshounds are now on the scent of the ‘rag trade problem’ we have in Leicester ...   one company that uses these back street sweatshops is called Boohoo and was founded by Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane .. it’s now worth over £3 billion.     I wonder if Sir Pete knows about this one ...  Pete ! ... Pete !, ... are you reading this ! ...    This is right at the heart of 3 big issues ...  the spreading of Corona virus, slave labour and illegal immigration ...   can you get some council boys round there pronto please Pete !   How is this company able to get away with it ffs.    And ..   rather than wait for the two owners to donate a few bob to the poor and needy and get knighted when they get older,  and then have a nice big statue put up in the city and then pull it down a couple of years later ...   why don’t we do something about it now.

Just imagine if Pete was a Tory, there would be all sorts of outrage. 
Either that or everyone has outrage fatigue 🤷‍♀️

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Well some information on action taken against these factories, sadly they dont seem that quick on the trigger.



A HSE spokesperson previously said: "In Leicester we are actively investigating three textile businesses, have recently contacted 17 and undertaken three site visits.

"Enforcement action is being taken at one of these sites and further spot inspections will take place in the area in the coming days and weeks."




Also hancock is still blabbering on about the 3x higher than next town in interviews when Leicester isnt even the highest anymore and the prime reason for those figures are the extra testing, that reason is even stated in report made by public health england.


Based on that document, with testing numbers taken into account Leicester was about 3-10% higher than the second highest town on Lockdown day.

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New map shows the parts of Leicestershire that would be affected worst by a second Covid-19 wave


The map outlines the worst at-risk regions in the UK


A new map released by Oxford University has been made to identify coronavirus hotspots that could flare up in Leicester and Leicestershire.

The map outlines at-risk regions based on the number of vulnerable people and available hospital resources to handle outbreaks.

And in Leicestershire, the data suggests the county would be one of the least at-risk areas in the country if a second wave breaks out.


The data can be broken down into regions, counties and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).


People can then choose between various measurements, including baseline hospital bed capacity (general care), baseline hospital bed capacity (acute care), excess expected hospital demand relative to baseline capacity (general care) and excess expected hospital demand relative to baseline capacity (acute care).


Data suggests the city of Leicester would cope the best in the county if a second wave broke out with 5.9 per cent out of 1,000 people would need general care from hospitalisation and 1.7 per cent of 1,000 people would need acute care.


The worst area of the county appears to be East Leicestershire, including towns such as Melton Mowbray and Oakham, where 8.7 people out of 1,000 would need hospitalisation in general care.

Researchers have estimated specific "pressure points" where demand for health services is likely to outstrip baseline local supply.

It also takes into account data on population age, ethnicity, density and social deprivation.


Rural areas in Wales and the north-east and south-west of England are considered areas of concern.

Expected hospitalisation rates are high, bed capacity is relatively low and alternative hospital services are harder to reach.

Meanwhile, London and other inner-city areas — including Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester — are highlighted as areas with both deprivation and a high population density, so are at potentially higher risk levels for additional outbreaks.

“Thinking not only regionally but at much smaller scale at the neighbourhood level will be the most effective approach to stifle and contain outbreaks,” paper author and Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science director Melinda Mills told the Mail Online.

She said this is needed “when a lack of track and trace is in place.”

Demonstrating its potential, the researchers used the tool to show that the town of Harrow, London, was one local area with an exceptionally high age-related risk of hospital admissions due to Covid-19.

"By using our online tool, policymakers would immediately have identified Harrow as a potential hotspot of hospital demand,' said paper author and sociologist Mark Verhagen, also of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science.

"Ensuring that local decision-makers have this type of fine-grained information available was a key goal of this study."


You can try the map here.



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