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Shite again first half. Never got going and formation was poor. 


2nd half changes made a difference before Richarlison went off for them and that actually helped them. They went defensive and saw the game out with ease really. 


I fear for Saturday coming up against a well organised defensive side in Palace. Can't see us scoring.

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We've regressed to below the mean.


We dominated that 2nd half, Everton hardly had any chances and we've still lost.


Debatable peno I thought.


Vardy is a massive worry.


And Jamie Carragher can get tae fook.

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CL is gone and I don’t even care anymore, let’s just get the season over and done with.


Do not start Vardy up front again on his own, either drop him or stick Iheanacho up there with him because he’s been poor for so long now. His chance in the first few minutes summed him up at the minute.


Do not play Barnes infront of Chilwell again.


Maddison played well when he came on, but his shooting is poor, hasn’t improved at all since he came here, if anything it’s got worse.


Albrighton needs to be phased out, he’s not good enough for us anymore on a regular basis, plus we have no-one to head in his crosses, it’s a waste of time.


People will talk about a good 30 minute spell in that 2nd half, but most teams have that every game, it’s because Everton took their foot off the gas, again we were nothing special. All teams have to do is sit back and they’ll get at least a point against us, it’s really as simple as that.


Will people now stop calling it an overreaction; we’ve won 4 in 13 (I think?) PL games, that’s only just better than relegation form. For a long time it’s been obvious we’re on the slide, but the ones who tell it how it is get called moaners before being reminded that we were once in League 1 or something bollocks like that.

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Chilwell passing back with about 7 seconds left. Absolute specimen. Everton were shite did **** all apart from the first 15mins and we still couldn’t create and the only goal was a lucky deflection 

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We literally look like we don't know the position we're in. 


Played OK. But didn't want it enough. Again. Pen was a shocker given our track record with hand ball and VAR this season.


We'll start with 2 up top on Saturday too, which never ever works. Time for Vardy to drop out. Pray Maddison and Ndidi are fit as they didn't look it at the end there.

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Best we’ve played, but not good enough in the final third.

The drinks break took all of the wind out of our sails.

Chilwell outstanding, Madison and Nacho very good when they came on.

Vardy quiet again and JJ was nothing short of horrendous.

VAR is a bag of shite. 

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