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Fox in the North

Seagrave Training Centre - Construction updates 2

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Next International games are


8th October - 14th October (3 games)

15th November - 18th November (2 games)


With players being away I imagine if it gets completed in time either of these would be the most suitable periods to move in 

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13 minutes ago, FoyleFox said:

Bloomin' marvellous that.


A lot of what's incomplete looks to be landscaping & paving etc rather than buildings and construction.

I wonder how much of the internal stuff has been done inside the buildings 

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5 minutes ago, Fox in the North said:

Can’t see it for some reason :(

Ha Ha! they've removed it, was just an article posted @17.45 with the same video you posted so they obviously got it from here. 


Perhaps LCFC have asked them to remove it.

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On 09/09/2020 at 15:46, Babylon said:

Making sure the pitches are properly drained and not going to flood is such a basic thing, I can't believe for a moment they've all flooded. 


One area unexpectedly near something that's not finished yet, maybe. Entire pitches... no. 

"WAP" ... Someone accidently caught sight of Madders in just his rucksack.....

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