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Just now, Innovindil said:

Wasn't a single poor player performance on the pitch for us anywhere. Which is in itself worth celebrating. 


Great performance, great result. 2 more like that please!

1 more will do

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Never trouble defensively and should have scored 4 or 5. Really impressive performance and I doubt many have dealt as comfortably as that with Sheff Utd all season.


Big shout out to Wes, I reckon his leadership and calmness made a big difference there. Tielemans a leader too. 

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What an incredibly mature, composed and accomplished display.


Rodgers deserves massive credit for marshaling the resources he had so effectively, I thought we had the answer to everything a good Sheffield United side had to offer.



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Youri Tielemans take a bow son, out of this world in a Kante like performance. When he plays like that it’s like having an extra man!

Luke Thomas, I haven’t even got words, has there ever been a better professional debut?

The rest of the lads well played great response!

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Massive win. That's how you respond to pressure- by going out and performing, playing good football, unsettling the opposition and creating chances. Should've had more than two and the makeshift back five stood up impressively. Luke Thomas had an excellent debut, Vardy was superb up front and Tielemans immense in the middle.


Regardless of what happens this season, hopefully we've shown we can come back from difficult moments.

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