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I'm not convinced he could stay in the Prem other than half a dozen bottom table teams. He's simply not consistent enough, nor does he work hard enough. If he was about maximising his potential, he'd drop to a top end Champ team, play week in week out and work back up. But I suspect with an agent in his ear it will be more about maximising the Muller!!

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19 minutes ago, Muzzy_Larsson said:

I probably would yeah but I doubt we could pay his wages.

Mate, we would pay his wages, his bus fayre, his accommodation at the central hotel and his nights out at the cat house every weekend. Just fuching take the fucher. 

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1 hour ago, Ian Nacho said:

If he's not happy with being a bit part player here, why would he be happy being a bit part player at Spurs?

Higher wages, much more status being a Spurs player than a Leicester player.

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It's a shame, but best to part ways as, as many have said, he just hasn't kicked on and realised his obvious potential.


I remember that goal he was part of, not sure if it was last season or the season before, where he took a touch, then spun the defender and raced away and hoping that might be a turning point for him, but he never did enough with the chances he was given. 

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15 minutes ago, bmouth_fox said:

Rob Tanner says he’s got a stomach bug, which basically means he’s shitting himself - a bit like every time he gets to the edge of the opposition penalty area!

Isn't this the same reason they gave for the maguire/manure transfer? 

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