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LCFC V Spurs Match Thread 2020

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Just now, Mickyblueeyes said:

Mendy has a tendency to sit right in the middle of the back 3/4. Wilf is a bit more forwarding thinking. With the lack of space, BR wants to allow the remaining players the opportunity to attack while not leaving us too exposed at the back. It’s an attacking sub even though it doesn’t look like it. 

Cheers for that Brendan. What a load of shite. 

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19 minutes ago, Dames said:

Or he blew champions league when it was almost impossible to do so. Take off the blue tinted specs and see that the form and the performances as well as the tactical decisions since January have been beyond dreadful.


Sometimes it's hard for people to understand criticism doesn't necessarily mean termination. 


I don't want Brendan to go, far from it. His performance this season has shown glaring holes in his management approach and that needs to be addressed. 


It is possible to think he's not done very well without needing to slaughter him entirely. 

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1 minute ago, Sly said:

Turned it off. 

Awful tactics from the off; playing to their strengths. 

Terrible tactics. We should’ve set up exactly like Spurs have and let them come onto us. So obvious

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Just now, Winchesterfox said:

Perez off at half time.  Ndidi off for Mendy.  WTF?

This game's over, we're saving them for Man United.


We're out of options now.

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