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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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9 minutes ago, AllGoneTitsSchlupp said:

werner isn’t great is he

calm down lads. told you. stick with me, you’ll be alright 


by calm down i mean, I’m assuming you were all bothered enough to read, remember, and then reply to my comment when werner scored

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11 minutes ago, Col city fan said:

This is the important sentence:

32.5% goals allowed vs 67.5% disallowed.
Due to VAR, 100% more goals disallowed than allowed

For a sport where spectators pay to see good football and goals being scored, there is a fundamental paradox here from the start. VAR is overturning the very thing that fans want to see (and in my case as a bloke who likes the occasional flutter, wants to see)

Can’t be a good thing..

Perhaps the most interesting point of all is right at the end of the article. Some bookies are literally offering ‘VAR insurance’ to try to encourage punters who have become so sick of VAR ruining their bets.

Cant be more clear really can it?

Or @HighPeakFoxis this just a ‘Col’ thing to say?

Unfortunately, it seems my apology got deleted, so I will reiterate it, as you clearly are hurt by my comment. I suggest you retract this too.

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