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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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16 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

It changes everything- at the moment, goals are being disallowed for offside as a fact when players may well be onsde because the freezing of the frame cannot be said to be 100% accurate in conjunction to the moment the  ball is played. Having a buffer still leads to the line being drawn but if the striker falls just the wrong side of that line then there is no doubt that they were offside. 

Okay. I get it. I thought you were saying that the buffer would mean no more line-drawing.

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If I'd been at school with Mason Mount, I'd have written graffiti in the school bogs which said "Mason Mound is a Nazi who bums dogs".









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8 minutes ago, Harry96 said:

Tuchel has proper done a number on klopp here 

By turning up with a better team, having more shots and scoring a goal? 

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1 minute ago, Super_horns said:
Another home defeat for Liverpool.

The injuries in defence don’t but they seem so lacklustre in attack too.

Said this to a friend earlier.


Can explain a lot away with the injuries... we certainly are at the minute. But difficult to understand how Salah, Mane and Firmino have suddenly turned into league one players when they’re 3 vs 2/3 😂

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Just now, foxfanazer said:

Bad night for us

Just watched back the Fulham Spuds game and the Fulham disallowed goal has to be one of the worst decisions in recent memory

The bloke had his arm by his side, didn’t move it, had the ball kicked at it and the goal was disallowed

Utterly crazy rule and Fulham must be fookin fuming 

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