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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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1 minute ago, StanSP said:

Also don't usually like the phrase 'free hit' to describe a game but IF Chelsea do lose, the game later does kind of become one. Always want to win any game regardless of opposition but the consequences of losing, should it happen, became less severe if other results go our way.

It was always a weekend where our position was likely to be weakened, I think we've got to expect (and accept) that. But then we had the bottom team in our last match where others had harder games so it evens out a bit.


If we get at least a point we can look back on a good day for ourselves.

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10 minutes ago, M0901 said:

Chilwell sitting on the bench observing this >


Chelsea fans aren't about to let him off that easily  :)



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18 minutes ago, RumbleFox said:

Come on Big Sam you beautiful bastard. 


I bet not even his wife has said that to him before, not even in a moment of extreme passion.

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We were probably expecting Chelsea to gain 2 or 3 points on us today, for them to gain a maximum of zero on us if the score stays the same means it will be good day regardless of how we do later.

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1 minute ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

Maybe he's just become a dad and it's a sweet thing to do?

There’s plenty that do it though. 


I guess when you’re young, fit, slim and rich shagging like a rabbit is the norm


Regrettably I shall never find out for myself 

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