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3 minutes ago, The Bear said:

Record what? 


If you're on about goals scored in a single gameweek we needed 11 from the two games today. 

Think it was the goals per game record. Thought I heard on commentary earlier that there was a record to be broken if 2 more goals were scored while it was 2-0.

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10 minutes ago, Corky said:

Government now has to start supporting lower league clubs, they are being denied the chance to serve customers and open their business.

Nice to see football doesn't live in a bubble, and in fact parallels the real world of trickle down economics. Those at the bottom need govt aid to stay alive, while those at the top have enough resources to finance a lower league club.


I can't eloquently develop this analogy to championship clubs reflecting the squeezed middle class - but the idea of working hard and aspiring to join the big boys fits somehow

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16 hours ago, Jaspa said:

Bit weird, but watching highlights last night I couldn't help but think Aaron Connelly is modeling himself in the likeness of Iain Hume




No. 7, head shape looks similar and he's even gone for the fractured skull scar chic

I can't unsee that lol 

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7 hours ago, StanSP said:

Sterling goes down 'expecting' contact but isn't booked for diving because there was no contact at all. 


Why do referees not 'clamp down' on this like they're meant to? Especially given VAR can review it. Should be empowered to give yellows for simulation/diving after reviews if necessary.


It's like how defenders can be booked for a foul, but then it turns out to be a dive anyway and the booking is rescinded. Why can't it work the other way?

The rules of the game actively encourage players to dive. If you play the numbers game you have far more to gain than lose by diving. It's been that way for years as well - makes you wonder why. There's no way it's accidental.

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