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Incredible. I usually have no time for Mourinho but he's every right to be livid with that. No idea how that can be given.


It could, and probably will, happen to us (and for us). Dreadful.


Newcastle were utterly abysmal and get a point.

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One legacy of these games could be that no kid watching wants to be a CB or a ref, you're in a no win situation.


As for Newcastle, they should be arrested for daylight robbery, the least put in for a premier league point since records began!

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1 minute ago, TheMightySystem said:

Surely the best way to sort handballs is to just make it any handball that isn't 100% intentional is a free kick rather then a straight penalty?

Said this for a while. Indirect free kick unless it's an obvious handball.

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1 minute ago, Suzie the Fox said:

I saw the ref put the red card up, but wasn't sure who it was given too

They just said it was someone called Sacramento. They probably said Kane at first to wind up Spurs fans lol

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2 minutes ago, Dan LCFC said:

That should be funny but it just isn't. It's depressing. They've ruined the best sport in the world.

Naa it was pretty funny tbf mainly because its Spurs in meltdown again

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