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Spurs have had quite a few decisions go against thembin the past season or two. 


Glad things like this didnt happen in our title winning season as it would have been all about Spurs being cheated out of the title, bit like some in the media who say Chelsea handed us the title.

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Just now, Vacamion said:


Jose straight batting this.



No point doing anything else, he knows he'd be fined 


edit: he's made a good point, do fines from the FA go to the FA or to charity? If not the latter it's poor. 

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The 10k fine would be worth it to speak your mind and call out this shit, in fact he wouldnt be slagging off the ref by talking about the rule so would he get fined? It's probably only 10% of his take home pay for the week anyway.

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1 minute ago, splinterdream said:

what is the rule now? any handball that stops an attack in the area, intentional or not is a penalty?


I think if it's point blank and the arm is right by your side it's not an offence allegedly. Dier's arm being extended is what ****ed him over.

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11 minutes ago, peach0000 said:

To be fair Diers hands were miles away from his body and did bloke the ball from going into a threatening area. If that had been done by an opposing against Leicester we'd all be wanting it.

I really wouldn’t.


Fouls are meant to be given for offences which give a team an unfair advantage. Dier jumping in the hair and having a ball headed at his arm isn’t gaining an unfair advantage.

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