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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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2 hours ago, RowlattsFox said:

Reaction to the Van Dijk has been ridiculous but totally expected. You'd think he's the first person to ever be injured from a tackle.


Pickford should've been sent off, should probaby still receive the 3-game ban but you can't change the rules for one decision. Van Dijk incredibly unlucky to be seriously injured but that's football, move on. 

Totally agree! There wasn't this much media attention when Ederson nearly took Kelechi's head off or injured Harvey. I feel for VVD but jeez I'm bored of hearing about it. Liverpool have one injury - we have how many! 🙄🤪

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5 hours ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

Beautiful how Liverpool fans are still kicking off this morning about VAR, calling for the police to get involved with the Pickford challenge, starting a petition to get the officials sacked and just generally being bitter bastards. One game where VAR costs them and they're up in arms, after Salah and Mane have dived their way through the last 18 months, unreallol

If it had been Adrian on Yerry Mina, the fuss would be nowhere near this level.



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1 hour ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

They were wishing injury on Everton players prior to the game, now it's the other way around they're wanting police action:rolleyes:

So much of their nasty, hypocritical behaviour gets brushed under the carpet. Some of the least dignified and spiteful fans around.

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46 minutes ago, Vacamion said:


I see Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is co-pundit on the Monday Night Football.


I take it Evra has been given the tin tack for being a bit crackers.  That, and the defamation.lol

It's not Man Utd playing so he's useless tonight.

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8 minutes ago, foxes_rule1978 said:

Nah... I’m sending my support to Soyuncu, Ricardo and Ndidi thanks 


If I made you think I was endorsing the tweet, I apologise for not making it crystal clear that I was ripping the pish.


My initial accompanying text was going to be "Jeebus Fooking Christ, the soppy Scouse twats" but I decided instead merely to confirm that it was another symptom of the collapse of our civilisation.





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