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5 minutes ago, Finnegan said:

Watching Dwight Mcneill shamble slowly up the touchline looking like Crouch and Ghezzal had a baby makes me so glad we signed Under 



I'll never look at Youtube the same way again. What on earth was I thinking. Every bit of vitriol that @Ric Flair hurled my way was totally deserved.

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3 minutes ago, Super_horns said:

Burnley being Burnley tonight really frustrating Spurs and have had the better chances.

After the opening weeks of the season and there being tons of goals it looks like sides have actually began to think about defending lol

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2 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

Burnley pushing on for a winner could ironically cost them a point .....

...and there it is. Barely deserved but entirely predictable.

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3 minutes ago, Hollyfox said:

Kane and Son are superb footballers and can score out of nothing. 


They're hated on here but I think they've got a decent chance this season. 




I would normally say "and queue the equalizer", but Burnley is the opponent, so never mind.

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Just now, Finnegan said:


Didn't understand anyone that wanted him here. He's got absolutely **** all pace. We've got plenty of slow but skillful or hardworking players, we were crying out for pace. 

Last night was just a taste.

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