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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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18 minutes ago, Fox92 said:

The most obvious 0-0 all season.

Nah that was West Brom vs Burnley a couple of weeks ago.


I'd have liked to think Brighton would have bit more about them to end up on a 0-0 at home to Burnley.

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9 minutes ago, Aus Fox said:

In this crazy season of high scoring games, Burnley have managed just 3 goals all season! (2 of those were against us).

They haven’t scored a home goal yet this season and drain the life out of football.

I hope they go down this season and don’t come back again.

Bloody hell. That's incredible. 2 of those were against us as well!

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56 minutes ago, Super_horns said:

That is Newcastle’s game plan out the window !

Nah, same plan, just going for the 1-1 draw now. Part of me wanted to see NUFC go into 4th in the table so I can shut my brother in law up when he moans about Ashley and Bruce. I swear he's never happy following football. 

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4 minutes ago, peach0000 said:

He can do a job and is on a pay as you play deal. Joelinton on the other hand....

Not really sure what job he can do other than barge people and whine about an elbow in the back, he is absolutely finished and anything he gets paid to play is too much. I don’t think Joelinton is a bad player, great header from him near the end too.

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Good for Southampton.


I'll never forget the thrill of cutting the table out of the newspaper when we were briefly top under Taylor.


As I've posted elsewhere  I kept that cutting in my wallet for years after. lol


Whatever is wrong with football, it isn't Southampton's fault, so I hope they enjoy being top, however briefly.



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