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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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9 minutes ago, TK95 said:

Ole complaining about fixture congestion. My heart bleeds.


We were the only English club in the quarter finals of the Champions League and were forced to play away Sunday 4pm before a Tuesday in Spain :rolleyes:


Funnily enough, against Everton as well...

And we're currently in the middle of a Thursday-Monday-Thursday-Sunday run of games which included a trip to Greece. Boo-hoo for Ole.

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Really like Eze. This Palace side remind me of the time away at theirs where they absolutely destroyed us. Think it was Sousa’s first game in charge of us.


Zaha and Bolasie esque 

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5 minutes ago, KFS said:

That bamford call is awful


4 minutes ago, irishfoxkev said:

Omg why was that offside ?  Still 1 - 0 Palace but shud be all square 


4 minutes ago, RowlattsFox said:

How on earth is that offside? Feet are yards on side from what I can see? 



baffling wasn’t it. was his fingertip offside? lol please tell me we are not doing hands or arms.




beautiful free kick for Eze but leeds can consider themselves desperately unlucky.

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2 minutes ago, HoChiMinhFOX said:

How is that Bamford goal offside, surely hands can't be offside? 

According to new handball rules he can. Therefore the offside is correct!




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