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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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8 minutes ago, mozartfox said:

Bargain at 60m compared to 80m for the Oil Tanker.  Our scouting team:appl:

60m for a player who pretty much refused to play for us, and acted like a crybaby - I consider that  great deal

Guess you forgot about that  :appl:


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1 minute ago, Manini said:

I swear Burnley have conceded about 20 goals over their last 3 trips to the Etihad. They always get a pasting there. 

Yeah, they just said that. Apparently the last side to constantly batter another were Notts County in the 1800s so that's how long it's been.

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5 minutes ago, SouthStandUpperTier said:

Bailey Peacock-Farrell sounds like a firm of solicitors.

Had an accident that wasn't your fault, call Bailey Peacock Farrell today, no win no fee!

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2 minutes ago, Manini said:

Good business for Leeds, I rate Meslier better than BPF to be honest. He commands his box well for a young GK. 

Yeah I think that Meslier looks decent. I didn't know he was only 20 (just looked on Wiki). I thought BPF was younger than 24 too.

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15 minutes ago, TaggertvsWise said:

I have an issue with this line of thought, not this post but all of them. Mahrez wanted to move, so what? He wanted to further his career, fair enough. I recall when he missed out on the transfer deadlines he didn’t actually refuse to play for us and in fact put in a decent shift inbetween transfer windows. Ok, some ‘reports’ of things he has said don’t paint him in a favourable light but I haven’t actually seen him make these comments so I take much of it with a headline writing pinch of salt. 

All in all I’m happy for the bloke, nice to see an ex-player doing well.

The problem wasnt wanting to move, it was what he did to prove his point.  The trip to the airport.  The disappearing act. 

Sure it didnt seem to cause an issue, but how long would that have lasted ?

How long before his antics grew thin with the other players ?  How long before they wanted out, just to get away from the situation ?


Where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

You're right.  You didnt actually see or hear him say those things.  You also didnt hear or see him deny any of those things.





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NBCSN just replayed Klopp's media appearance today.  Wow, he was acting like a bellend!


I don't have anything in particular against Klopp or Liverpool (as I missed the L'pool glory days), but Klopp didn't cover himself with glory in that interview.

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9 minutes ago, winteriscoming said:

So sky showing bielsa getting nominated for coach of the year along the others and just saying - shows what a great job he did last season. 
Utter rubbish!!!!! I’m sure a British coach wouldn’t had a look in. Can’t imagine a pulis or big Sam getting nominated. 

It's because other managers bang on about him. It must be. The love in the media have with him is strange.


He got a side promoted like hundreds of managers before him. Wilder did a more exceptional job than Bielsa last season.

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The sooner Klopp ****s off to Madrid or something the better. The reason this league is so renowned is because it’s tougher than any of the others. 

Didn’t moan at all last season when they were winning did he. Like someone said above, like Trump. Hates losing but silent when things are going his way. 

The argument is so bad currently. Lineker summed it up. Footballers worried about pulling a hammy whilst key workers are working 12 hour days. Just not the time to be moaning like this. 

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