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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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18 minutes ago, Paddy. said:

They bill this like it's El Classico but the standard so far has been pathetic. 

They overhype this game every year. Like many, Liverpool v United is another one. They’re almost always boring and end 0-0 or the odd goal but very overrated Derby imo.

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6 minutes ago, Sunbury Fox said:

I'll swear virtually every one of these Big 6 showdowns this season has been utterly dreadful. 

They have. I can at least respect Spurs as they are making it clear that they are going to play defensive spoil tactics to win these games. The rest are trying to market their styles as free flowing and attacking but they are equally as shit.

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3 minutes ago, Facecloth said:

Kyle Walker has become such a rash defender recently. Flying into tackles every week.

He's been a liability for a long time but he's still somehow, inevitably, one of the 4 right backs in Southgate's starting 11.

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It would've been a penalty, have to accept that players now are going to go down at any contact. Can't see how Ole can sit and watch the replay and still have the cheek to moan about the offside, looked pretty clear to me.

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