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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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Just now, RowlattsFox said:

Fofana had about 10 people around his house on his birthday lol unless it was an old picture then I apologise. Granted, it wasn't tier 4 then but was still against the rules. 

Didn't see it but deplorable if true

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7 minutes ago, Abrasive fox said:

Really?? Is that you jake?



Honestly, I like him. David Jones and Kelly Dalglish are boring as **** on Sky. I don't mind that JH brings a bit of humour. Would rather the presenter had a modicum of personality etc. 

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9 minutes ago, rachhere said:

Yep, bans and additional fines from the FA. 

The FA should insist the clubs play their fixtures, whether it be with youth team players or smaller squads.


the clubs can sort out fines and bans which you’d assume they will do. They’ll get fined by the government which covers breaking the law.

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Just now, StanSP said:

Definite penalty. Not even close to being outside. Silly challenge like Aurier's against ours. All their own doing, from Leeds.

I have to say I thought the contact was outside.

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Just now, filbertway said:

Looked like the contact was outside to me. Does the position count as where contact is or the fouled player is standing?

Surely it's where the contact is made? I thought it was outside 

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33 minutes ago, Aus Fox said:

Who are these managers Bielsa has totally shown up and made to look incompetent? 
What is it he has actually done other than taking a big club to the Premier League?

Has he done anything that Nigel Pearson, Mick McCarthy, Chris Houghton or Tony Mowbray haven’t done?


Mick Mccarthy, Chris Houghton lol


Bielsa has done playing fast attacking progressive football. I accept Bielsa has many flaws, hence he would never last at a big club but his coaching methods are far superior to the managers you've mentioned. 


FTR, losing 6-2 at Old Trafford should not be praised. It was cringe watching Leeds getting praised for getting battered by their rivals. 


Would you rather Bielsa manage us or some of those 4-4-2 merchants like Bruce and Dyche? Since according to you they've done exactly the same job as Bielsa (get teams promoted). 

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