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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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1 minute ago, AjcW said:

So bad wasn’t it! 

“he invited a doctor who tested negative and his niece who tested negative”


I wasn’t aware we could all have a get together if we’d had a test? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Just acknowledge it was wrong. Don't have to toss him under the bus (an obviously his manager never would). But loosely trying to defend it was feeble.

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11 hours ago, deanolegend1989 said:

Bielsa is the most overrated manager I’ve ever seen.

He can’t speak English, he crouches down every game trying to find somewhere to sh*t and just tells his players to play and roll the dice. It’s embarrassing to watch really and it’s not entertaining on the whole.

If I was a Leeds fan I’d not be happy to watch the odd battering when I also watch getting cleaned 4-1 vs us and Palace, hammered at Old Trafford and also were terrible vs Spurs today.

I was much more entertained watching us go and put that fantastic performance at Spurs and Man City.

Dyche, Smith, Moyes and even Wilder are far better managers than Bielsa but because he’s foreign and fashionable and at a stereotypical ‘big club’ he’s seen as some genius.

If Bielsa had the quality of squad Burnley had, he’d have no clue and they would be relegated , if Dyche had Leeds squad they would be even better.

When you have the likes of rafinha and Phillips, it’s not hard to have some quality attacking play.

Hes so overrated and the media bore me to death of the stupid narratives they make up then stick to. 


You're definitely a fan of Brexit football, 4 4 2 two banks of 4  keep it solid for 60 and the and pinch a winner lol


The odd thing is that you dont like Mendy

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Just now, Manini said:

What a goal. Special team these despite their league pos. 

Man City and Liverpool much better than the rest still. I know Man Utd are 2nd/level points with Liverpool but I don’t think they will be come the end of the season.


2-0 now.

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