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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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Just now, Fox92 said:

Man City and Liverpool much better than the rest still. I know Man Utd are 2nd/level points with Liverpool but I don’t think they will be come the end of the season.


2-0 now.

They’re going to do for Lampard here tonight I reckon. The defence is absolutely bab but Man City are just walking through them. 

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I do think it’ll turn out that Pep has managed the Foden development brilliantly. 

We always get carried away with English starlets and burn them out. He’s going to get better and better and probably only have his first full season next year.

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9 minutes ago, SouthStandUpperTier said:

From this main camera angle you can truly appreciate just how much Frankie's hair is thinning.

It's going to thin out even more if Man City keep scoring...

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Guest seanfox778
1 minute ago, Izzy said:

As a neutral football fan, Man City in full flow are a joy to watch 

My only complaint is that they can be so good that they kill the game too quick and it becomes a sort of exhibition match. lol

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1 minute ago, filbertway said:

You're definitely a fan of Brexit football, 4 4 2 two banks of 4  keep it solid for 60 and the and pinch a winner lol


The odd thing is that you dont like Mendy

Couldn’t be more wrong there. I hate 442 but I also hate 352.

 I love 433 And love the way we set up today . Rigid solid but also with quality players up top.

I like quality players and attacking football, but love a good quality defensive structure too and balance.

Bielsa is not a good manager imo. He’s just got a group of players who are attacking and they just do their skills and naively not defend.

There was a lot to admire about our performance today because there was a lot of defensive quality from Evans and Fofana. Albrighton and Castange offer threat but also defensive nouse.

Madders offers flair. And you won’t get a better middle 2 in the Premier league than Wilf and Youri.

Its not a case of preferring static defensive football or naive attacking football, neither are good.

Its about getting round pegs in round holes and having masters in each position and a good balance, which we have better than nearly every team in the prem.

When we get our first 11 on we are a joy to watch.   

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1 minute ago, Tomek said:

You'd expect Liverpool, City and United to be nailed on for top 4, so with one space left I really can't see Chelsea competing under Lampard.


Unbelievable that we're still even competing for top 4 when you look at the money and wages being spent by those teams. Top 6 would be a fantastic achievement again this year.

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How many likes are we actually allowed to post per day, 'cuz I've run out now and haven't clue what the limit is...?


(I wonder how long it'll take for Lampard to run out of likes? :P )

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Could be the night of the long knives for Franky boy if Chelsea get done by 4 or 5.     Hope Roman has a good stream wherever he is watching.

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