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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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Just now, mozartfox said:

Could be the night of the long knives for Franky boy if Chelsea get done by 4 or 5.     Hope Roman has a good stream wherever he is watching.

Frank isnt good enough at this level IMO. Needs more time in the lower leagues or as an assistant or something.


Reckon he will be sacked and then the likes of rodgera will be libked of course. 

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2 minutes ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

Unbelievable that we're still even competing for top 4 when you look at the money and wages being spent by those teams. Top 6 would be a fantastic achievement again this year.

Yep I agree  ...   but without JV we’d be fvcked ...   with their stonger squads (all down to money) they have an advantage.  

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Just now, Leicester_Loyal said:

That was dreadful. Have the players given up on Frank?

He’s just not that good a manager. I thought last season they weren’t even that good. Then spent loads on attacking players despite their defence being poor.

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Sterling tried his best to cock that up, you had no confidence he would score. I think Chelsea looked a bit unlucky earlier with the potential penalty but since then they've been shite defensively.


A week's rest not been a bad thing for Man City has it. 


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11 minutes ago, seanfox778 said:

My only complaint is that they can be so good that they kill the game too quick and it becomes a sort of exhibition match. lol

Yeah it must be hell for Man City fans killing a game early 😂

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