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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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3 minutes ago, Kopfkino said:

Funny seeing Wolves fans descend into conspiracy about refs hanging up on Nuno cos of his comments about Mason

Wouldn't surprise me given the nepotistic bunch of useless pricks that PGMOL is nowadays. 

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I know this is turning into a goal fest but I get the feeling that if either of these teams just somehow took over Odion Ighalo's loan until the end of the season, it'd give either of them the shot in the arm they need up front.

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2 minutes ago, mozartfox said:

Wolves are becoming the next Sheffield United. Losing Jiminez is a warning for us if we were to lose Vards??

Do we need a warning? It's not exactly something we (or Wolves for that matter) shouldn't already know. It doesn't matter how good the rest of the team is if you haven't got somebody who can regularly score you're going to struggle. It's whether you invest in some kid in a hope they become what you need them to be in a couple of years or you pay out big for a known quantity. 

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1 minute ago, whoareyaaa said:

on Fulham's showing the other day it wouldn't surprise me if they get something against Chelsea 

Yep, plus Chelsea's form isn't that great at all recently.

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1 minute ago, StanSP said:

Good decision from Oliver there. Silva diving. 


Just now, TheUltimateWinner said:

Glad someone’s finally been booked for an obvious dive 

We really should start handing out bans for dives. Would start kicking it out the game, especially with all the cameras we have for VAR

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