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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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8 minutes ago, FoyleFox said:

Although that would be lovely, not happening for Sheff Utd and even Spurs aren't that Spursy :blink:

I thought this post had done the trick but spurs have scored again :huh:

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That's an unbelievable goal.  Not seeing the fluke?  I mean - he pretty clearly meant to do that.  It's as much of a fluke as any other inch perfect finish.


1 minute ago, Fox42 said:

Outrageous effort. Shades of Vardy vs Spurs & Bournemouth 

Shades... sure - but that was another level to those.  Reminded me of Ings goal against Liverpool a bit.  The fact it goes over his wrong shoulder and he adjusts adds to it.

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Anyone calling that a fluke shouldn't be allowed to enjoy football.


You're either miserable or immature in not being able to bring yourself to give credit to Spurs.

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19 minutes ago, Arkie Bennett said:

The fawning over Kane is sickening, he's now rewriting history by almost becoming Tottenham's second highest goal scorer. 


Just did a quick search, and wow.


Jimmy Greaves - 1961-70 - 266 goals in 379 appearances


So nine seasons averaging almost 30 goals a season.


Kane at 175 goals (before today's match) has a ways to go.  I certainly think he is capable if he can maintain his health (aka doesn't get taken out by a nasty tackle).


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Interesting Liverpool team. Henderson and Fabinho at centre back and Shaqiri starting. They're going to start quicky, they always do in big games but if Man Utd survive the early stages I can see them getting a result unfortunately.

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Okay seriously, what is it with referees and their positioning of late? I’m seeing this way too often recently where they’re interfering play and it ends up in a drop ball situation.

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10 minutes ago, Hales said:

I'm not tuning in until kick off as I cannot listen to the fawning beforehand. Bet they all forget to mention we are second 😂😂 if I don't listen to it, it cannot stress me out!

At least we stopped the talk of them being top two for this game lol 

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