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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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All VAR has done is highlight the incompetence of the refereeing in this league. The fact that they can’t spot an offside with the help of VAR is nothing short of scandalous. 

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Just now, RowlattsFox said:

Only just put the game on. Moss is shit, but surely that's a lino/var decision? Who is in charge of that? 

Wtf we don’t miss an opportunity to abuse Moss here come on man 

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4 minutes ago, Jaspa said:

Suppose they consider the chest down as a new phase of play then :dunno:

Could understand that if it were a few seconds. He barely got the chance to even get it under control. 

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Dean Smith will gain my full respect if he comes out post match and alleges that Jon Moss is a cheat who has obviously taken a bung  lol


I mean, Villa have never ever benefited from a dreadful bit of refereeing, have they?  :ph34r:

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1 minute ago, Bats8711 said:

I'm genuinely asking - what does the rule book say about that situation?  Like - yes obviously we was offside and then won the ball back, but at what point does the "phase" change?  Does Mings need to fully "control", or just touch it?

1st game of the 15/16 season v Sunderland 

albrighton’s goal - the fourth


offside when the cross comes in but once the defender attempts to control the ball the phase changes and the attacker is no longer considered offside.  The Sunderland player got a toe to it and it was considered an attempt to control the ball rather than a deflection. Had it just deflected off him then Marc would have been offside .....  I think you’ll find that the excuse from PGMOL will be that mings attempts to control the ball and subsequently rodri is no longer offside 

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The only think I can think of is that they thought Mings slipped and Rodri took the ball from it. But even then that's really no excuse for it. They've had an absolute howler with it. It's quite blatantly obvious that Rodri has tackled Mings and was about 10-15 yards (?) offside when the header is made. 


Ridiculous decision really. 


No doubt PGMOL will make a statement after the game saying it was wrong and apologies to Villa. When in reality, it's totally changed the outcome of this game.

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4 minutes ago, worthosoriginals said:

 Clueless post. Get yer brain in gear, if your a leic fan, look who villa are playing, then look at the table. 


lol Mate, we've played 19 (nineteen) games out of a 38 game season. I think you need to get your brain into gear if you're getting worked up about other teams results this early.

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3 minutes ago, peach0000 said:

I think he did. I don’t agree with the rule and think it’s something that needs looked at but the rules are the rules


Not sure he cares whether the decision is correct. As long as he can pretend the game's run by a Knights Templar splinter group he's happy

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