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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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57 minutes ago, The Bear said:

Mark Selby is probably your most well known. 

I’d say Gary Lineker as most well known 

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33 minutes ago, Leicesterpool said:

Prince William isn't a celeb... apparently Tom Hanks said he liked the name and always tweets when the club do something special.

He's a bit more of a celeb than Sam pissing Bailey! What do you mean?

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1 hour ago, The Bear said:

Kaiser Chiefs are Leeds fans too. 

One time their fans started chanting "Oh my God I can't believe it, we've never been this good away from home" which I liked. I think it was when they started in League One.


Can't believe we've missed out Lembit Opik for our celebrity fan. He was in FourFourTwo an all.


EDIT- Been mentioned.



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19 minutes ago, Dr The Singh said:

Keith Vaz

There was discussion at work between my London colleagues about different politicians they'd bumped into.


And was literally going to mention the above but thought wiser lol

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3 hours ago, Mike Oxlong said:
Basil Brush 
TV puppet big in the 60's and 70's it was not so much Basil but the man that operated him, Ivan Owen who was the fan 

Whattt! :o they could definitely done a Basil-Filbert crossover while I was growing up! :rolleyes:

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This probably could have had it's own thread lol


I always think a lot of these celebrity fans just happen to be from the area and don't really give a shit. Unless I saw you when we were shit I'm not having it :D David Nielson is the one that springs to mind.

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1 minute ago, fox_up_north said:

Have we done Ozil going to Turkey on a free, to a club that has set up a text service for fans to fund his contract with donations?


Arsenal reeeeally aren't the club of old

It’s been mentioned somewhere. Aye. It’s crazy right. 

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