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Championship - 2020/2021

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7 minutes ago, Happy Fox said:

Forest the gift that keeps on giving! There timeline is a barrel of laughs lol

They seem to want Eddie howe completely deluded probably end up with the Cowleys.

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6 minutes ago, The Horse's Mouth said:

How have Cov become the most competent of our rivals 

Funny nothing is I actually want Cov to do OK. They've had a raw deal with their freak owners but on the pitch have taken their medicine really well and humbly worked their way back. 


That red shite I'd gladly see liquidated and their ground turned into a travellers site

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3 hours ago, Koke said:

Looking at their team tonight. Jack Colback and Tyler Blackett play for them...christ almighty.

Was it Tyler Blackett who Vardy destroyed in the 5 -3 game? I’m sure before that game he was touted for big things and Vardy killed his career.

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2 minutes ago, Paninistickers said:



My cup brimeth over

Bloody hell.


I know we're the best side in the East Mids but them two are competing to see who's worse.


I thought Derby would be on for top 6 this season, obviously not. I don't think they've scored yet.

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