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Man United Match Thread

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Just now, pmcla26 said:

Absolute fix of a season. 

Every club should break away from Man City, Man U and Liverpool and make a new English league system. This is beyond a joke. 

What did Man City do?!? 

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Just now, RoboFox said:

Choudhury. FFS. Not good enough.

It wasn’t just him - there were 4 nothing passes before that which just invited pressure.


One of those occasions where if Kasper kicks into touch we don’t concede (see there is method in his shit kicking)

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You can't blame Morgan for that. He doesn't know Evans won't go for it either. So they both do and would do as they're taking responsibility. 


It's Hamza's fault and with Brendan making 3 subs now I'm glad he's going for it. 

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