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Man United Match Thread

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1 minute ago, GingerrrFox said:

I genuinely wonder whether our players wanted Champions League football with how we’ve performed today. 

Stupid comment, we came with a game plan and have largely executed. 

It’s not like United brilliance is getting them over the line, we’ve been more than a match today. 

Ultimately what’s happened has happened, but there’s still plenty of reason to be proud in this team.

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I don't know why we expected anything less than a loss.  The last 20 odd games have been absolute shite for the most part. I'm glad the seasons finished now, because another half a dozen games or so we'd be lucky to still be in the top 10

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1 minute ago, Tuna said:

We do when we waste as many chances as we have. Add this to the Spurs game how many shots have we had in the two games without scoring?

Always better to make the chances than not have any at all 

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2 minutes ago, foxfanazer said:

Its fine though because we'd have taken 5th at the start of the season. Bullshit mentality



Our 2020 PL record if result stays the same:

Played 18

Won 5

Drew 5

Lost 8


20 points out of 54 (37%). 


Potentially a big concern with the new season only six weeks away.

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Just now, FrankieADZ said:

know this is probably the usual, but jesus the officials are bias beyond belief to the likes of Utd

The officials have completely killed the game for them since the goal. Not as obvious as recent weeks but still a horrific amount of bias.

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