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Leicester 0-2 Man Utd post match

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Just now, kristianity77 said:

Absolute garbage again.  This team needs ripping up and starting again.  European football next season is great, but without a significant overhaul that won't last long and the prem campaign will be a long and painful one. 

Totally agree. Still relying on Vardy with seemingly no plan in place as to replacement or even a decent backup. The fact Wes played for us today says it all (no disrespect to him)

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We got unlucky with injuries and suspensions towards the end of the season. Officials clearly had an agenda to get the top teams into the champions league. Not much anyone could of done about it. Vardy golden boot. In Europe. Let's just enjoy it rather than thinking about what could off been. 

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I thought we played quite well in the main. Finally, actually went forward, attacked, rarely played sideways or backwards and ****ed about at the back.


However, when we did play backwards or sideways and ****ed about at the back what happened? It was out undoing.


Please please please can we stop this insistance?


Generally I can't fault todays performance but just this passive stuff bin it, please just ****ing bin it.


The damage was doing since December not today, we move on and I hope management and certain players take a long look at themselves over the few weeks break and have a think about what direction of style of play we are going down and see that it's counter productive.

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Rodgers had the right first half game plan.  He waited too long to change it -- we were utterly passive for the first 20’ of the second half.  Then, a young player having a decent game made a horrific mistake and ended our season.


I thought we looked Man U’s equals -- at least -- fielding half our “B” team.  Played with what we had in the tank.  There was nothing in that match to have us throwing in the towel on next season.  Though some of the wusses who couldn’t even bear to watch it, will be calling the squad “mentally weak” …

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2 minutes ago, Koke said:

At the end of the day we have thrown away a 14 point lead to this awful United team. The injuries haven't helped but its still a big gap to throw away.


Europa League it is then. 

We've even had our eleventy nine goal difference advantage overturned.

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Basically borderline relegation-level over the second half.


If indeed BR hasn't lost the team, he needs to show it with a decent start next season.  And the club needs to use this transfer window take a realistic look at what they have and more important, what they don't.

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