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2 minutes ago, Md9 said:

They are so so lucky 

Nah, they're just playing the aforementioned pig farmers, who decided agricultural challenges were fair game. lol


Honestly I think it's hilarious, and also sums up what a farce seeding is, that we're set to be a pot 3 team in this competition. There isn't a single other side in either pot above us that scares me, so bring it on.


If we don't make a proper go of the EL I'm going to be bitterly disappointed.

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23 minutes ago, Md9 said:

how many more qualifiers will spurs need to play until the group? 

They play Shkendija from Macedonia next Thursday.


Then another play-off round on 1st October.



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21 hours ago, NewEnglandFox said:

I think it's borderline spammy of me to post this every day considering it changed yesterday, changed today, will change tomorrow, and will change Friday because of the draw. But if people are going to see a screenshot and think it's up to date and it's not might as well.


This is the website if you missed it many pages ago, https://kassiesa.net/uefa/seedel2020.html The guy Bert is super fast and already updated for tonight.


Purple is the 20 other teams that have qualified for the group stage. Yellow are the ones that can lose their way in from the Champions league.


Thursday, 10 teams are in action that are expected to make the group stage. They are the clubs with * or ** after them and Astana. (Not *3 so no PSV or Sporting) These clubs all have coefficients of 22 and above. The bookies have a couple of close matches, most notably BATE is a tossup with CSKA Sofia. There are a couple scary clubs on the wrong side of the main path draw with Standard Liege, FCSB, Granada, AC Milan, AEK, and Rangers if you're hoping for them. Remember this is a coefficient always wins projection, the bookies might have other favorites.



So BATE and Astana both go out this round, so we can move up a couple of rankings. A couple of other teams in a bit of bother too.

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