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19 minutes ago, KingsX said:


There will be plenty of time for them in the knockout rounds!

I'd love it if we get a Sevilla / Atletico style knockout round. Sevilla at home was probably the best ever atmosphere at the LP (Man U 5-3 giving it a good run for it's money). I've been to the San Siro and Stadio Olimpico and those are quite old grounds with poor views of the action, the atmosphere is something else! Bring on those kind of games in the knockout stages I say!

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What countries are 'officially' letting fans in now anyway? Hungary for the super cup of course... just wondering who else.

Or are UEFA having to take a blanket approach to it, for example it wouldn't really be fair if Athens could have fans in but we couldn't for the home game... would it?

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Just now, RowlattsFox said:

Given the alternatives I wonder how many we'd have taken to Braga in normal circumstances. 


Do clubs have choice in the order in which we play? I imagine we'd rather go to Ukraine early on rather than late November/December. 

All based on TV! It's released this evening so you wont have long to wait.

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Panagiotis Tsintotas, ΑΕΚ Athens goalkeeper: “It was very important for us to return to European football after a year’s absence. Leicester are the favourites in our group, but all matches will be equally tough. In modern football one can underestimate rivals at their own peril.”

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A decent group that. Can't complain with our recent European Draws anyway.


You'd expect us to qualify. AEK would likely be the toughest challenge. If the toughest away game was timed at the end like Porto in 2016(without the same result!) it would be ideal


Bound to be an injury or 2 once we get closer but right now almost everyone has contributed something so we ought to have a formidable starting 11 out there.


The game in the Ukraine will be interesting. The live footage might be similar to the shaky broadcasts of games out there in the early 90s.


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Guest Markyblue
49 minutes ago, Sol thewall Bamba said:

For a competition a lot of people seem to think we're too good for, there's a lot of excitement in this thread. As Alan Smith would say, I CAN'T WAIT!

Anyone not excited can do one and support those east Midlands losers forest and derby' bring it on.

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Feel very enthusiastic about the Europa League. I do feel like it's taken more seriously now the reward is a place at the big table. I don't know much about the Ukrainian side but Braga have been strong in recent years and AEK have pedigree. But a very winnable group.


Would like to see us progress far in this competition. Think we can take on anyone in it on our day.

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