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38 minutes ago, AKCJ said:

Why would a Manchester United fan reporting for the Manchester Evening News know anything about this deal?

Because the reporters at the Leicester Mercury are crap and don't do their job. Bring back Bill Anderson

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4 minutes ago, Blanchflower78 said:

Yesterday McNeil nailed on, Tarkowski before that, Brooks today.... 



Townsend tomorrow...

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38 minutes ago, Foxy_Bear said:

....Or we want Brooks AND McNeil and we have more cash to splash than everyone thought! 


I'm dreaming, I know but let me have this  

There is no place for being unrealistic on this forum

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1 hour ago, Ric Flair said:

Dont'chya wish your transfer thread was HOT like Brooks, dont'chya


I've only given you a laughing emoji by how completely shit this post was that it made me genuinely laugh out loud. lol


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I would love Brooks here as we have a player who fits in perfectly in a 4-1-4-1 as a Perez alternative and can also play the Maddison role if need be. 


It's a good time to get these players who are quality at relegated clubs as the season is upon us, the transfer deadline is about three weeks away and if these players don't jump now they could be left in limbo. Anyone at a relegated club who is PL quality wants to jump regardless of who they are, just look at Jack Butland (who?) who was England's No1 GK before Pickford and got relegated with Stoke and is still there but largely forgotten.

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Brooks is the technician type player that Rodgers loves, not an out and out winger but operates out wide but is free to roam in to the pockets of space. At the very least we need a player like him on the right. Can obviously play the 8 or 10 role too.

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