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The OH Leuven Thread 2020/21

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9 hours ago, Vardinio'sCat said:

How is the other keeper going? seems like the second goalkeeper signing was a smart move...


another great result. It's a really good start to the season, by the looks of it.



Romo did a decent job yesterday.


You need a good 2nd goalkeeper who can step up in case of injuries, suspensions or loss of form so it definitely was the right decision to sign Romo even though we already had Iversen.









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1 hour ago, Frank Large's Black Book said:

Keep going boys.  I notice the other promoted team, Beerschot, have also had a stunning start to the season - now second with 15 pts. 

Any reason both promoted teams are doing so well?

To be fair, the top teams of the 2nd division can easily compete with the bottom teams of the 1st division. But the fact that we're doing this well is a bit surprising.


In our case, a lot of credit goes to our manager (in my opinion). He has really transformed this team.

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2 hours ago, Gresley Fox said:

What would happen if both Leuven and Lcfc both got into the Europa League in 21-22? Would they both be able to play?

I think it depends on the structure of the ownership.


Although didn't RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg play eachother in the Europa League a couple of seasons ago?

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2 hours ago, Bonanza said:

Romo did a decent job yesterday.


You need a good 2nd goalkeeper who can step up in case of injuries, suspensions or loss of form so it definitely was the right decision to sign Romo even though we already had Iversen.










We spent a fortune on our back up, after some fairly average performances from previous cover for Kasper. I think it is the only way if you are serious (as a club) about maximising your season.


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Interview with Kamal Sowah on the OHL-website:


Sowah: “OHL's a great fit for me”

Earlier this season OH Leuven won their home game against Standard de Liège. On Saterday OHL proved they can also be a “gaint killer” in an away game. Kamal Sowah was one of the leading players In both games.

- Kamal Sowah scored twice in the Ghelamco Arena and helped his team win the three points against last year's runners-up.
- The
Ghanaian signed a long term-deal with Leicester City FC last week, but for the time being he feels great at Leuven.
- Kamal's childhood dream to become a Premier League player remains intact.

“It's always fun to score twice. Especially when it helps the team win the game.” Kamal Sowah really did help his team win in the Ghelamco Arena. Just before half time, the Ghanaian wonderkid broke the deadlock with a shot that totally surprise goalie Davy Roef. In the beginning of the second half Sowah kept his cool and scored after a great counterattack

“The manager told us during half time to keep searching for a third goal, We managed to do so after a great counterattack, thanks to great work from Xavier Mercier and Thomas Henry, Their work put me in a one-on-one situation with the keeper and I scored the 0-3 ”, Sowah explains. Between Kamal's goals, Mathieu Maertens also scored after some great work from Thomas Henry,

With three goals in seven games Sowah is OH Leuven's top goalscorer. Last season it took him 28 games to score that amount. The Ghanaian has been sitting on cloud nine for a while now. To top it off, he signed a long-term deal with Leicester City. “I'm very honored. It proves they believe in me, They trust in my abilities and i don't want to betray that trust. Ever since I was a little kid, a dreamed of becoming a Premier League player,

“I have to make sure I keep playing well for OH Leuven and that I keep helping the team. I really feel great here, both on and off the pitch. We have a great group of players and a great coaching staff who constantly makes us better, both individually and as a team, This is a great club, so for the time being OHL' a great fit for me,

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Results  and standings after week 7


KV Kortrijk 1-3 Antwerp
Beerschot 3-2 Waasland-Beveren
KV Mechelen 2-0 STVV
KAA Gent 2-3 OH Leuven
Standard 2-2 Zulte Waregem
Anderlecht 1-1 KAS Eupen
Club Brugge 2-1 Cercle Brugge
Excel Moeskroen 1-1 Charleroi
KRC Genk 2-2 KV Oostende


1   Charleroi  19 7 6 0 1 13 3 10
2   Club Brugge  15 7 5 2 0 18 5 13
3   Beerschot  15 7 5 2 0 15 12 3
4   Standard  14 7 4 1 2 10 5 5
5   Anderlecht  13 7 3 0 4 15 9 6
6   Antwerp  11 7 3 2 2 11 10 1
7   OH Leuven  11 7 3 2 2 11 11 0
8   KV Kortrijk  10 7 3 3 1 9 9 0
9   Cercle Brugge  9 7 3 4 0 9 9 0
10   KV Oostende  9 7 2 2 3 9 8 1
11   KRC Genk  9 7 2 2 3 11 12 -1
12   KAS Eupen  8 7 1 1 5 7 10 -3
13   KV Mechelen  7 7 2 4 1 8 10 -2
14   Zulte Waregem  7 7 2 4 1 9 16 -7
15   KAA Gent  6 7 2 5 0 7 10 -3
16   STVV  5 7 1 4 2 6 13 -7
17   Waasland-Beveren  3 7 1 6 0 11 21 -10
18   Excel Moeskroen  3 7 0 4 3 3 9 -6

Next week's fixtures:


Antwerp - KV Mechelen
Waasland-Beveren - KRC Genk
OH Leuven - Zulte Waregem
KAS Eupen - Cercle Brugge
STVV - KV Kortrijk
Club Brugge - Anderlecht
KAA Gent - Beerschot
Charleroi - Standard
KV Oostende - Excel Moeskroen
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..the team seems sluggish and in two minds when the are on the ball!!!

The opposition is there for the taking but absolutely no composure from OHL either in attack or defense. They should be looking to bring the ball out and counter instead of whacking it up field and hoping for the best.

  OHL looks rather nervous to me.

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