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2 minutes ago, Foxy_Bear said:

Em, excuse me but here on FT, we only use that as an argument AGAINST signing a player. 


Selling teams fans hate him = Valid argument.

Selling teams fans like him = Not relevant. 


Got it?!

Yes got it, planet ft.

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2 minutes ago, rachhere said:

 Not exactly nothing. We put in a bid (Rejected) and are preparing to put in another. 

It’s getting hot in here (so hot) I’m gonna post some shit.

I am getting so hot, I wanna keep on posting.

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48 minutes ago, kristianity77 said:

Like others I really don't get this.  We are prepared to pay more for a player who will be worth nothing in a few years time like Tarkowski, yet not the same amount for a player equally as good, whose value will only skyrocket if he's as good as he looks.  It makes zero sense. 

We don’t know what either player costs, and we certainly don’t know this other fella will sky rocket in value or whether he’s that good. 

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15 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

Tarkowski has form for forcing his way out - he did it at Brentford where he refused to play in the end .....I wonder just how bad his toe is ??

Then it looks like the two defenders we want are pretty much not too far off the way Mahrez treated us... 

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2 minutes ago, Paninistickers said:

Classic Rudkin.


just as he led James MacArthur  down the garden path, Tarkowski is gonna.look a right nana when he's jilted for Fofana

To be fair Terry Robinson was DoF when that happened....and he actually had a medical with us only to never be signed.

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4 hours ago, Babylon said:

Evans is out of contract in the summer and is 32. I'm still not entirely sure how much the manger rates Soyuncu, he seemed to spend a lot of time playing extra DM's to protect the defence.

Spent a lot of time playing extra DM's? Who Rodgers? Thst happened only twice last season did it not? 


3 hours ago, Bert said:

I think with N’Didi now out until the new year, we’ll go 3 at the back. 

3-4-3 doesn't really have a place for Maddison though but you could be right. I just can't see us spending £40m on one centre half let alone us getting both Fofana and Tarkowski like some think is possible, that would be £70m. Absolutely no chance.

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