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Planet Rock - The Full Leicester City

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Might be a bit of a niche thread, but I listen to the radio station Planet Rock in the car on my way into work in the mornings.


I've always wanted to put together my own "Full English" playlist. But i could never work out a clever link for my list, until i heard them playing Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith, this morning. It obviously made me think of the Micky Adams era.


My "The Full Leicester City" playlist would probably be:


Keep The Faith - Bon Jovi (To signify the beginning of the dark days of 2003-2010)

We Are The Champions - Queen (For the League One, Championship and Premier League titles)

Rockin' All Over The World - Status Quo (For the Champions League and Europa League campaigns)


Can anyone else think of any more appropriate rocks that make you think of Leicester City?

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1 minute ago, bovril said:

The Keep the Faith song makes me cringe just because of how bad the song is and how awful that era was. 

Absolutely, but its still an important song (and era) in the clubs history and for that reason it has to be included

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A few suggestions:


Do you feel like I feel - Belinda Carlisle

Nothing's gonna stop us now - Starship

Even the bad times are good - Tremeloes

I'm into something good - Herman's Hermits

Near wild heaven - REM

You ain't seen nothing yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive

Fun fun fun - Beach Boys

I'm on fire - Bruce Springsteen

I'm a believer - Monkees

Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin

The best - Tina Turner

Joybringer - Mannfred Mann's Earth Band

Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

Golden Years - David Bowie

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On 06/08/2020 at 09:12, Voll Blau said:


My mate got married on Monday and played Let Me Entertain You followed by this before the ceremony.


Was expecting to see Matt Elliott leading the boys out rather than his missus coming down the aisle after. Fair play to him. lol


And no, she didn't walk down to the PHG. :D

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