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13 hours ago, Koke said:

Burnley players in general are not top of my list. They've been coached by Sean Dyche for years, and if they move on to another club they have to unlearn all that crap they were taught. Look at Michael Keane at Everton. He was taught to hoof it for years, and Everton fans quickly realised how limited he was. Solid pro, can head a ball and kick it onto row Z but if you want to play structural football from back to front, he is not your man.


McNeil is only 20 so he  an still be rescued but all he has ever learned is to try and beat his man or cross it early to the back post (see Chris Woods goal against us last season). What we want from our wide men is pass and move, two touch football in tight spaces. Can McNeil do that? I'm not sure. Never seen him do it. 

Thank you good sir.


this is exactly what I've been thinking and didn't know how to express it.


On top of that they are a properly tight fisted club and will force you to pay through the nose to buy any of their players.


I think we should avoid doing business with Burnley if alternatives are available, and they are.

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8 minutes ago, Bert said:

I have been TOLD he’s been at the training ground. No reason not to believe it. 


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