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Nigel Pearson: Here and Now

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8 minutes ago, Arriba Los Zorros said:

You can keep your Ranieris, your O'Neills, your Rodgers, nobody comes close to this bloke for a connection to the club. He loves this club and we love him.


The best ever.

Not sure how many Ranieris, O'neills or Rodgers there are. However... 


... There's only one Nigel Pearson. 

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3 minutes ago, Spudulike said:

Not sure how many Ranieris, O'neills or Rodgers there are. However... 


... There's only one Nigel Pearson. 

Amen, brother!

To borrow a wrestling catchphrase - Best there is, Best there ever was, and Best there ever will be.


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When he came back and had his press

conference... “Hello Ian”


The decade we had that stretches from his time taking over in league one was unbelievable and really can’t see how we’d be where we are now had he not been appointed, twice.

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3 hours ago, turkish14 said:

I know this will never happen, is naive and a bit silly...


but I’d take him back in a heartbeat. His root & branch approach to building a “team” personally suits my beliefs on how companies should be run.


his faults were his media skills or lack of them, but I think he has learned from that and not so stubborn.

Oh god yeah, agree with that, Pearson fits this club like a glove, we raise him to another level and his achievements here speak for themselves.

Hopefully only a matter of time before he's back in the dugout at KP.

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We're a far better team and club for his influence, there's no question. Turned around a basket case of a club with an angry and disillusioned support and left us in the Premier League. His set-up allowed us to see Vardy, Mahrez, Kante and Cambiasso all pull on the blue shirt and provide iconic moments.


Thank God he saved us from potential misery in the third tier and provided record breaking promotions and survival.

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8 hours ago, Al-aLondon-Foxile said:

Had we not won the league with Claudio then his spells would be the highlights for me, even surpassing MON as my favourite manager. I hold him in the highest esteem, and in my mind he (with his staff) was responsible for the foundations that brought about our premier league championship. 

Without a doubt. I think those foundations are still in place and will be for some time. If any one manager could have claimed to have built any one club, Pearson's name would have to be considered.


I don't think it can be overstated what Nige did for this club, really. After years of being served up utter shite, we finally had a team to be proud of. I really felt like the good times were so far away during the Levein era, and was starting to wonder if we were doomed to struggle for the rest of my life. It wasn't too long after NP was appointed that I knew it was only a matter of time before we would be successful again. Rebuilt the whole operation from the ground up. Gliding up the divisions all the way to the top, and staying there in the most incredible fashion was magic.


I was gutted both times he left.


One Nigel Pearson.

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8 hours ago, Footballwipe said:

Patiently awaiting the NP love-in backlash in this thread. It's coming. They're coming.


What a man. Picked us up off the floor in 2008, 2013 after the playoffs and 2015 after the March international break. Left the club a structure and setup his successor took advantage of in the most incredible way.


The era defining manager we desperately needed.

Not me. Greatly respect this guy for the man that he is and the job he did for us. Twice.


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I think that NP has real loving feelings for LCFC, while Brendan Rodgers as good as he maybe hasn't got that kind of connection with us, and when he eventually leaves us there won't be that lasting fondness on either side. BP has shown from his leaving of other clubs that he doesn't really talk about them in either a positive or negative way, he isn't really bothered about his previous clubs.

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He did some great things for us yet he himself knows he is prone to mistakes... arguments...

He managed to get him self sacked from us by misjudging the situation surrounding his son's behavior.  He seems to  have found unconstructive ways to assert himself at other clubs.   He knows this. 

He showed me that you dont have to bend to manage high maintenance players... and his man management is excellent.   His footballing short coming was being out thought by the better managers  (there was mo plan b) both in the championship and the pl.  

Overall he is the best manager we ever had. Is he right for us if we want be maintain top six.... sorry no.  But I love the team spirit he built.

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summer 08 - joins at our lowest ebb

2008/09 Wins league 1

2009/10 championship play off heartbreak- daft penalty 

2011/12 comes back , reality of the clear out needed starts

2012/13 championship play off heartbreak- daft penalty 

2013/14 walk the championship in style 

2014/15 The great escape & leaving a squad that would shock the planet.

summer 2015 - leaves before our greatest hour


add in the all the fun interviews, oddball behaviour, the ability to rile a substantial number of our own fans, what’s not to love about his time in charge. The fact it hasn’t worked out so far at other clubs mean he’ll always be ‘our’ manager. Of course he may get a new project, probably championship, if he wants it. 

Hopefully he’ll do an autobiography one day.




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