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Well the amount of times people blamed Chilwell for Barnes having a bad game on here because they didn't link up well as a partnership. As if Chilwell was making Barnes unable to control a football through bad telepathy or something.


It will probably be Barnes now he no longer has the Chilwell scapegoat to hide behind.

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On 22/08/2020 at 17:46, Aus Fox said:

Vardy is my outside Berlin, if he doesn’t hit the ground running.

Despite winning the golden boot last season, two or three threads were started on here questioning his ability.

When you consider many believe him to be our greatest ever player, it’s hows no one is safe.

Agree never scores enough .i back him and Barnes regular for a hat trick these losers always let me down .

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On 24/08/2020 at 09:52, daddylonglegs said:

This, not entirely sure what the OP's point is when he genuinely really struggles in front of goal lol

Because, for some reason, people on here see any criticism of a player as he suddenly become this "scapegoat". Players get criticised during games and I never hear anyone shout "oi stop making him a scapegoat".


I think criticism is generally fair. Every player gets it, even Vardy when he went 8 games or whatever it was without scoring last season.

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On 23/08/2020 at 16:37, KingsX said:

Sky Sources indicate Leicester City’s James Maddison will be the next Premier League star to introduce a luxury clothing line.  The line, called Scapegoat Couture, will debut in September at the City Fanstore.


“I’ve given up on all those yerDas in the City fanbase” said Maddison.  “I could score and assist 50 and they’ll still moan about my clothes.  Might as well start up an overpriced style line, act like I’m mates with JLingz TM, and wind them up to the max.” 


Two items have been announced.  The Southgate is a waistcoat, lightly insulated with shredded No Fuchs Given t-shirts.  “When I start showing up in The Southgate, it’s all over.” said Maddison.  I’ll be England’s Number 10 the next day.”  The Cags is a transparent plastic codpiece designed by Loüis Vüitton.  “The Cags, it’s going to be ****ing massive, I assure you” said the Leicester ace.



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