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Ben Chilwell Signs for Chelsea

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7 minutes ago, Fox92 said:

Kante and Mahrez have done well.


Dunno why people compare Drinkwater. He's literally one example.


And before anybody says Maguire, he was always nothing more than decent and never worth the money.

It’s wrong to compare his situation to Drinkwater but personally in my opinion Drinkwater looked to have more potential at the time.

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1 hour ago, OadbyBlue said:

Capable of some great performances for sure but imagine the stick he will get from the army of plastics if he puts in a Southampton at home style performance for Chelsea

That's the game i was thinking of.Ran the ball out of play with no one around him.Remember asking my mate did he think that Chillwell was pissed at half time!

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46 minutes ago, StanSP said:

What lol 


Not a chance he bench-warms.


He's signed to be their first-choice left-back ahead of Alonso. 


Don't understand the draw of Chelsea? They're literally in the Champions League and have pretty much doubled his wages at the very least. They quite clearly are ahead of us.

Ahead of Alonso.....suppose we'll see.

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I would rather have kept him but if he wants to go....


I predict he will crash and burn at chelsea. Unless they use him in a way that masks his flaws, he will get drinkwatered. 

We may not be able to spend silly money on a replacement but chelsea can and will.

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15 minutes ago, HankMarvin said:


what are you 12? did he take your gf?


Youth product to 50m, established himself as England left back 


190k a week 5 years. 


50m in the Club coffers, good luck to him

I don’t even get how people can be angry tbh, it’s  good business.

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Guest Markyblue
42 minutes ago, StanSP said:

They've not signed him to sit on the bench, seriously. And not paid £190k/w to him for the privilege of doing so.


They're ahead of us as a club in pretty much every single way. I don't know if you're overstating our status as a club or underestimating them, or both. 

Don't work like that, we didn't sign slimani to sit on the bench or not be involved,  high wages is not going to guarantee him starting if hes shit simple as, but chelsea are in so many ways in frònt of us unfortunately. 

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Just now, PAULCFC said:

Depends when they see him week in week out!

I think spending £50m on him is enough to say they’ve watched him thoroughly and they know they’ve signed a fantastic player that is only going to get better. 

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3 minutes ago, StanSP said:

The one with Chilwell and the 'butterfly'? 


I don't see it as a dig. 

Yes mate. Maybe just me then. Feel like it’s Gray saying he can spread his wings because the club held him back. But maybe that’s down to Gray’s own social media scripts. 

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