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Our Internationals 2020/21

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Is it just me or are we paying jonny Evans to play for Ireland and sit in our treatment room? Harsh but his priorities appear to be elsewhere. Always seems "fine" to play 3 games in a week for them but has to rest "niggles" when he's back with us. 

Maybe the new contract will involve pay as you play. Could be a bargain! 

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Glad Youri is only on the bench, the guy needs a rest! Under injured is ruddy typical 🙄😢 can we wrap Praet in cotton wool for the rest of the game?! International friendlies are a joke right now

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45 minutes ago, KFS said:

Christ sake. Why are they playing these? Absolute waste of time. Even the playoff games.

For the same reason clubs insisted on finishing the halted 19/20 domestic season, Europa League and Champions League and still playing all these competition this season - money. UEFA, broadcasters and sponsors are the ones really pushing through with the friendlies.
For the national teams there is also the added importance of these games to the seeding of World Cup qualification groups.

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3 hours ago, Lambert09 said:

Perhaps they are building a culture. Not a bad idea to bring an essential part of the team along to keep him in the loop of what they are trying to do.


If they are adequately covered why not? 


Better then doing what England do and bringing someone to just train and know deep down that individual isn’t in the plans 

Why not .. because he’s injured and this two weeks would be better spent getting proper physio following his recovery schedule and resting at home instead of traipsing around turkey etc . 

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1 minute ago, rachhere said:

I think I am more of a fan than international football than most on here, but I am just hating this right now. It's clearly too much for the players without them having the usual preseason and without the same options for recovery after games. 

Nothing is usual this season and it wouldn't have been usual even with a 'normal' schedule. The problem is that none of the associations and clubs are willing to truncate this season. It's easy to blame the internationals, but history has shown that if the various weeks are not occupied by international fixtures, it's the clubs that will make 'pointless friendlies' in their place. In England there are no less than two cup competitions running parallel to the league. Why not abolish the League Cup? All associations should be collaborating in sharing the financial burden of the revenue loss that a truncated season would bring.

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