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Our Internationals 2020/21

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3 minutes ago, Kingleicester said:

Come on, just because you put in 100% does not warrant playing for England, on that basis Albrighton should be in there, rice offers nothing technically 

I agree, I just said I like him and you can't fault his effort. Formation is showing his limitations. 

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18 minutes ago, StevieLynex said:

He may become a very good player or he may lose his way. Remember Rashford bursting on the scene in 2016. Four years later, is a much improved player? Martial at Man U  - young player, bound to get better..doesn't always happen

So do you pick players on their recent form of scoring double figures in a major league or do you pick players on what may happen in four years time? 


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1 minute ago, yorkie1999 said:

Well, according to rednap, grealish ran the show. Not quite how I saw it, I thought tielemans was at the centre of everything Belgium did and considering they won, I’d have thought he ran the show.

There is no denying grealish is quite special,  by far England’s best attacking midfielder, yes he’s a ****, but he reminds of Gazza how he plays, blokes a quality footballer  

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Kasper getting knocked out and getting taken off at half time doesn’t bode well. Took a nasty knock to the head a la Cech (no idea how to post the vid clip)



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