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1 minute ago, Raw Dykes said:

What a signing. We've pulled another one out the bag. If he's half as good on the left, then it's an upgrade on Chilwell. 

I can see us signing a LB and him being our main RB, Ricardo will be our winger 

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He actually had a better debut than Ricardo! Riccy P struggled in his first 4-5 games before he finally got up to speed with the Premier League and started tearing it apart. That was phenomenal for a first start, it looked like he played there for years. If he can do that on the left, then we are a better team now than last season.


For me based on that, I would go and pay 35-40m for Goosens the left sided wing back from Atlanta! Really impressed!

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Wow. What a debut. Very happy with him. A big upgrade from Chilwell. When Ricardo is back, our back four could be:


Ricardo  Soyuncu  Ndidi/Evans  Castagne


Wait ... Ndidi as CB ... seriously we should think about it.  He is a good passer for a CB but too crap as a midfielder.


Anyway, with this back four plus Mendy, we won’t need to be as concerned as last season when we can’t get the ball up when pressed.  


As per my previous posts, our problem of not being able to get the ball up when pressed (which every team against us started doing in second half of last season) was due to Chilwell and Ndidi. With Chilwell gone and Castagne im, we just need to solve the Ndidi problem. So either he improves his passing and control (he was getting better first half of last season) or he stays as CB! He wasn’t too bad there as a CB other than a few scary back passes during the first half.

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