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Arsenal conspiracy theory

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11 hours ago, Foxxed said:

I love how he attacks the media. The media are deceiving you! Please listen to me! i will tell you the truth!

the media is the most deceitful medium in the world

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8 hours ago, Babylon said:

Same bloke who said there was a referee conspiracy and drugs that won us the league by any chance?

You mean this nutter's blog someone also made a thread about here, a year or so ago?



Wouldn't surprise me at all if it's the same person running both of those sites. Very quick to bring politics and goes full on 'global gambling cartel runs the sport', 'Arsenal are a downtrodden pariah', 'scary scary Brighton owner, ooh look at him the dodgy b***ard', 'Vichai was assissinated by global gambling cabal’(honestly they've said this), and around election time last year the only way to save the integrity of the game and infact humanity itself was to vote for Corbyn and buy their book!

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