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16 hours ago, Desabafar said:

has anyone ever done one of these 16 personalities tests https://www.16personalities.com . my son has had to do one for a part time job he has applied for. are they bullshit or are they accurate, we both done one and it seems quite accurate for us but i was surprised he had to do one for a part time job, is this normal and does it actually work for hiring


im esfj consul, what are people that have done it and do you think it is bullshit or not

I did something similar called a Belbin test many years ago.  I'm including a link so you can compare the tests if you wish




The purpose of a Belbin test is to determine the characteristics of individuals, with the aim of seeing how they would fit into teams.  The theory is that the most successful teams contain people a variety of strengths so they complement each other.  As such, there is no right or wrong way to complete a Belbin test.

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12 hours ago, Alf Bentley said:

I'm ENTJ-A, a Commander like Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay, Maggie Thatcher or FDR?!? lol


The only Commander whose orders nobody would obey......

You get thatcher... I get ISTJ-A... Merkel. 


Worlds gone mad I tell you. :ph34r:


Although on a serious note I actually quite like Merkel. :D

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We had a salesman come into our office a couple of years back trying to sell personality profiling software to us to then use as a service offering to our clients. Spent a couple of hours talking about how the different profiles could be pitched etc and singled out 1 in particular as someone who was going through "significant emotional stress or a change in their lives" and how they would be ineffective and a bad hire at this time.


We then all took the test and 2 of the 5  of us came out as this "unattractive" profile and then he spent 30 minutes backtracking and had to apologise to the people in front of everyone lol 


Safe to say we didn't buy his software. 

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