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Can we stick to our recruitment principles if we want to stay in the top 5?

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Surely it isn’t complicated - we don’t have the money (be that coming in from ownership or generated via commercial avenues) 


we have to follow a model that gives us the best chance to compete with those that can manage one of the above revenue streams 


we could blow our seasons budget on one player but the risk is enormous if it doesn’t come off. And there are plenty of reasons why it might not ...... plus we have several players who see their futures elsewhere as they mature and it would be tough to keep them here now without increasing their packages - blowing the budget means you can’t do that 

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We have a tried and proven system with transfers. Quality is no always about money , it's about finding the quality players early enough in their careers like Mendez N Diddi, etc. That way we can compete with the big Clubs, while we continue to grow.


The mistake would be to think throwing more money at it would solve all the problems.

That's the West Ham and Everton approach, and look how they've faired.

We can continue to build a strong team which will keep us competitive.

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