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West Brom (A) - 13/09/2020 - Match Thread

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I remember now why I don't follow match threads. We have so much needless negativity in here. My advice to those folks - go have a wank to release some steam. Maybe you'll get rid of some of that anxiety and gloom.

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2 minutes ago, eddylcfc said:


We’re 20 mins into our first game; let’s stay calm shall we? 

It's been the same for 8 months now...


Everyone kept saying relax we're in the top 4, then we dropped out lol People kept saying relax Claudio will turn it round, give him time when it was obvious he was taking us down.


Something needs to change, whether that's a kick up the arse from Rodgers or a couple of new signings I don't know, but for a long time now we've looked really really poor, and the signs are it's not going to just suddenly click and change.

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