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West Brom 0-3 Leicester - Post-Match Thread

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1 minute ago, foxfanazer said:

Out of interest can anyone shed any light on why Castagne didn't play at left back and Justin at right back? It's where JJ is used to playing for us and presumably when Ricky P returns Timmy will be playing at left back so would make sense to bed him in there


Not a criticism just interested 

I've just got the feeling that Ricardo and Castagne will be teaming up down the right in future (probably Castagne ahead of Ricardo but it could also work the other way round).

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1 hour ago, StriderHiryu said:

Also have to say the ref had a good game. You probably think I would say that seeing as we got two penalties, but both were very obvious and other than that the best thing I can say is that I didn't notice him at all, usually the sign of a good refereeing performance.


Rare to say in Premier League games, but there you go!

Totally agree. Whilst var checks everything if the ref had not called that First pen, which was great spot because if vardy had not been pulled down he was in for a tap in, then var would not have overturned his decision as it would not have been clear and obvious as a goal scoring oppourtunity 

as you say, apart from the pens and Justin yellow he was fairly unseen which is the sign of a decent ref. Makes the big calls but otherwise lets the game flow. Nothing worse than a pinicity one who blows for every little thing. I thought he was balanced and fair throughout.

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4 hours ago, Lawless said:

Personally I think that if Maddison is capable of starting, he should be, which requires one of the midfielders to be dropped and I’m not sold at all on Tielemans. Lost the ball a lot more then people seem to be realising. 

As for Barnes, a good bench player, but for our ambitions we need a front three ALL capable of putting the ball in the net and not requiring 5 chances to do so. 

Tielemans? Really?

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47 minutes ago, fuchsntf said:

Uptil...13.09.2020..21:38...I Really use to like you.....:ill:


Hows family...Covid Now out of the window...???



yes covid has gone- thank you for asking!  feel like i have done ten rounds with Mike Tyson at the end of a days work but everything else is fine.


Stuck at work right now actually... which explains the bah humbug about sport 

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Great win Foxes. That silenced the naysayers. 
Good solid second half. We want to play more like that this year. 
Castagne, what a way to introduce yourself to the faithful. 
Vardy, who else would you want taking a penalty?

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3 minutes ago, trabuch said:

Jenas on MOTD winding me up. "Harvey Barnes could be a top player - he could go on and play for a Chelsea or a Man City. I'd love to see him at a top 4 club". 

Who's the other guy on with him? 


They're both a bit crap. 

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37 minutes ago, foxile5 said:

The question was who last scored on their league debut. 

Chris Wood hat-trick (or was it twice he scored) New Years Day 2013 wasn't it? 6-1 v Huddersfield..... if you're meaning league debut for us presumably....

Edited by Guy
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