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13 hours ago, gurru991 said:

He really wasn't poor at all !! He is not a flash player who make runs & dribbles past other players. He is calm on the ball & has an 85% passing average.  He is the type of player who quietly runs the game. There are 19 other teams in the Premier who would love to have him !

First half he was sloppy. Simple passes going astray and looked a bitslow and was clearly getting frustrated. I'm not the only person who watched that thought so. I certainly don't dispute his quality, as I said in my initial post. 

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19 hours ago, Hammo said:

I think he’s a wonderful player and agree with everything you say bar the last sentence. One thing Youri emphatically does not have in his game is pace.

His brain is faster than most people's legs. :D

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Absolutely dominated today which was expected. Running the game especially in Thai 2nd half. Always looking up when getting the ball but just a shame it's not Vardy today that's making the runs! 

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Said it recently and said it months ago ... new contract, captaincy and he can have my mrs in exchange for a new 5 yr contract. 
One thing I’ve noted ... how much has his work rate and ‘dirty’ side of his game improved. He’s mobile and putting himself about snd winning his fair share of 50-50’s. Also loving some of his ‘professional’ fouls, I think I may let him have a baby with my fiancée. 

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27 minutes ago, Tuna said:

New contract and a massive pay rise please!


20 minutes ago, walkerleeds said:

Should be the highest earner at the club IMO.


4 minutes ago, TK95 said:

Winning our player of the year by a landslide

All of these are true. We will need to pay him what he's worth because the big boys will come sniffing now. He's good enough now to be a first team player at a Champions League and title challenging club. Now luckily for us, as of writing we are both of those things! But it genuinely wouldn't surprise me if Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich came in for him, because IMO he's that good.


Best thing we can do is make him the highest earner / joint highest (I think Vardy has a clause to match the top earner) and give him the armband for some games. Build the team around him, although arguably we have already done that! Keep him here for 3-4 more seasons before the inevitable move to the very elite level.


I play in his position in 11 a side at a very low level. Watching Youri play is just so impressive, he can do things that are so difficult and yet he makes it look so easy. His all round game is brilliant, tackling, positioning, carrying the ball, short passes, long passes, through balls, etc. He's just an absolute baller.


I thought Cambiasso would be the best type of player like that we would ever see, but Tielemans is now playing like *prime* Cambiasso did when Esteban was at Inter winning the treble.


The only sad thing is we can't go to the ground to see him play! When we could one of the things that always impressed me was seeing how he played off the ball, and how he understood perfectly the overall picture of the game despite being on the pitch. Just like Cambiasso, it's like Tielemans is playing Fifa and can see the whole pitch at any one time. That's something you can't teach IMO, and it's what the truly special players have.


Still can't really believe we managed to sign him! Top, top, TOP player!

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Brilliant today but tbf it was no yardstick

Up against Obi Mikel I think I’d probably put in a performance! And I’m 52

I was surprised at just how fookin awful Stoke were too. They never made it a game really

But we just purred... it’s great watching this team play at the moment 

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